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"How to Not Only Lose Weight and Burn Fat Rapidly  but also Achieve a Lean, Firm, Healthy Body -- and Vibrant  Energy in as Little as 30 Days"
Diet Menus Specifically for Your Bodys' Caloric Intake Needs -- they work dramatically without the use of fat-burning pills or fad diets, and it's all FREE
by Amy Elder, NASM C.F.T., Founder, eFatloss.com

What is the Most Powerful Weight Loss Secret in the World? 

HINT:  It's more powerful than any diet, drug, or pill -- and accounts for 60 - 80% of the results you get from exercise.  .

The answer is ... food.

Sure, exercise is important -- but food is the cornerstone of any successful weight reduction and fat loss program.  That's because eating -- in and of itself -- speeds up your metabolism, and your food intake is responsible for the effectiveness of any exercise that you do.. 

Now, I can almost hear you saying, "Food?  How could that be the secret to weight loss?  Isn't food the biggest enemy of weight loss?  Isn't food what causes me to gain weight in the first place?"

Well, you're half right.

Eating excessive amounts of food does cause you to gain weight.  But did you know that not eating enough food also causes you to gain weight, and accumulate fat deposits in your body?  Consider this: 

Starving Yourself is not the Correct Way to Burn Fat

FACT:  Diet-related obesity does not result from eating too much.  It results from not eating enough.  This is what Dr. Don Colbert, author of the book titled Toxic Relief, calls ?obese while starving.?  When your body is in starvation mode, your body will hold on to fat and burn muscle instead.  Observe how most obese people eat.  On average, they eat the caloric equivalent of one meal a day ? and yet they still remain obese

So.. if overeating causes you to gain weight -- and undereating also causes you to gain weight, how much food is just right?

That's why I created this website! A FREE tool to educate people about nutrition & training to lose pounds more easily than you've ever thought possible -- without starvation, fad diets, diet pills or drugs.  And best of all, you'll get to eat a lot of flavorful food (not bland or tasteless diet food) -- and enjoy the process of losing weight -- and keeping it off for life.

Who am I -- and Why Should You Believe Me?

My name is Amy Elder.  and I've been a National Academy of Sports Medicine certified fitness trainer (C.F.T.), for the the last 10 year. I've become widely acknowledged as the leading expert in developing customized body-type-focused diet menus and fat-burning exercise routines that help people get into the best shape of their life.  Over the years, my clients have had such tremendous success with my special weight loss program that I finally decided to help more than just those who are able to train with me face-to-face in my home state of California.  I also wanted to help those who can't afford personal training

Over the past 10 years I've created hundreds of fat burning menus, for all kinds of body types. This year, I hired a software team to put all of those menus into a database, and to create a simple web form that you can fill out at this website site. It will then automatically match your body type based on the proven scientific Harris Benedict Formula, and give you a list of all the menus that match your body type. You can then easily browse through the menus and print them out.

Please don't confuse these with the free menus/recipes given by vendors who sell weight loss products and fitness equipment on TV, or the computer-generated menus offered by fitness centers that "supposedly" are customized to you.  Those menus are based on ordinary nutrition principles that are not going to speed up your metabolism or produce rapid weight loss.

Make no mistake -- no one can design perfect food menus for you the way an NASM-certified fitness trainer with 10 solid years of helping people lose unwanted weight can.

The menus do not require you to purchase hard-to-find or expensive food items.  Everything on my menus can be purchased from your local grocery store.  Furthermore, these food menus will help your body achieve its maximum metabolic rate so that your body becomes a fat-burning machine, and pounds will virtually slide off your body as easily as the 80 pounds of excess weight slid off of my body in just a few months. 

CLICK HERE>   to enter my Nutrition section and create your FREE Weight Loss Menus, no signup required. After completing the Nutrition section, continue into my Training section for my fat burning video clip tutorials.

This tool is to give you an idea of what your daily caloric intake limits should be. For a full analysis contact me and set up a appointment.
Your Gender:
Your height in inches: eg: 68 inches = 5' 8"
Your weight in pounds:
Choose your activity level:
Sedentary - inactive
Lightly active - exercise 2-3 days/week
Moderately active - workout 3-5 days/week
Very active - full-time athletes
Your Caloric Intake Results:
The calories needed to maintain your current
weight is:  
The optimal calories needed for your body to lose 1 pound perk week is:  
The optimal calories needed for your body to lose 2 pound perk week is:  
** It's not healthy to lose more than 2 pounds per week **
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