Beginning Routine in the Gym (Full Body):     For the beginning routine, start off with a light weight until you figure out what weight is right for you. For instance, you may start with a 5 pound or 10 pound weight for the exercise. You should be able to do 3 sets of 12 repetitions. By the end of each set number twelve should feel like you cant lift anymore weight. Make sure to rest no more than 60 seconds between each set. If it's super easy to do the 12 reps on the final set, then increase the weight. For your abdominal exercises do three sets of fifteen repetitions.

Leg Press:   Major Muscle Group: Quadriceps / Gluteus Maximus
TIPS:   Place your feet on a platform, making sure your knees, feet and shoulders are all aligned. Bring the platform down to a 90 degree angle, making youre your knees are straight. They should not be going in or out while performing the exercise make sure they are aligned with your hips.

Leg Extension:   Major Muscle Group: Quadriceps
TIPS:   Place your feet underneath the bar. The bar should rest on your ankle. There should be no space between you back and the back pad. Raise your legs up, but make sure you do not hyperextend your knees.

Leg Curl:   Major Muscle Group: Hamstrings
TIPS:   Place the bar on your ankle, push bar down as close to your glutes as you can, bring up as far as you can without releasing tension off your hamstrings.

Vertical Chest Press:   Major Muscle Group: Pectorial Major (Chest)
TIPS:   Place your hands on the bar. Try not to reach back(finish sentence)

Compound Row:   Major Muscle Group: Rhomboideus Major (Back)
TIPS:   Relax shoulder, keep elbows close to body, and sit up straight. Bring back bar a little past 90 degrees.

Shoulder Press:   Major Muscle Group: Deltoideus (Shoulders)
TIPS:   Bring arms above your head, with your elbows pointing towards the ground. When performing the exercise do not bring down further than a 90 degree angle.

Triceps Extensions:   Major Muscle Group: Tricep (Back of arm)
TIPS:   Elbows close to your side, try to get full extension; do not come up past 90 degrees and do not lean forward.

Bicep Curls:   Major Muscle Group: Bicep (Front of arm)
TIPS:   Place your hands on the side, palms facing up. You want to use natural range of motion. Make sure your wrists are not bending back. Keep elbows by your side, bring up and to a point of keeping resistance, try not to swing your body or use your shoulders.

Quadricep Arm Opposite Leg Raise:   Major Muscle Group: Lowerback
TIPS:   Keep opposite arm and leg straight when lifting up to body level.

TIPS:   Try not to grip your neck, do not come up to far, use you abdominal muscle to lead you up.