Another way to help you succeed is recording your food intake daily. Remember what I said: in the beginning it takes 6-8 weeks to gain a habit. It is not going to come overnight. Recording your food helps you be more aware of everything you are placing in your mouth. It is also a way you can look back and see what made you succeed or how you can improve for the following weeks.

When I go grocery shopping I buy all organic food. The chemicals and hormones they place in foods these days is very harmful to your health. Studies show that some of the chemicals actually make you fatter and addicted to the food.

This is an example menu I recently created for a lady, age 29, weight 155, height 5'3", based off the personal information gave me. This is also the type of menu my FREE website software will create for you. Please note this menu has been shrunk to fit in this section. Your menu will be normal size and much easier to read.